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Business Categories

Business Migration can be divided into three major categories:

1. Gaining temporary entry into New Zealand through a Long Term Business Visa.
2. Gaining permanent entry into New Zealand through the Entrepreneur, Investor or Employee of a Relocating business application.
3. Gaining permanent entry into New Zealand through the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC).

The criteria for these categories is described in their own sections. If you believe that you meet the criteria for a particular category, please proceed to the assessment form and contact NZAsia for confirmation of your eligibility. This service is provided obligation-free at a minimal fee, all information will be held in the strictest confidence, and destroyed should you decide not to continue with our services. Start your business migration assessment now.

Long Term Business Visa

The LTBV (Long Term Business Visa) is a prerequisite for an application for residence under the Entrepreneur policy guidelines. The applicant is required to submit a business plan for the establishment of a new company in New Zealand, or, a business plan for the purchase of 25% or more of an existing business. The business plan must meet specific requirements and is to be submitted in a specific format other than the standard business plan format. Applicants must provide evidence of a business background and relevancy of their proposed business in New Zealand to their past experience. That is a requirement and will therefore be a huge advantage to the applicant when opening their new business venture in New Zealand. Availability of funds to start up the business, or, funds to purchase at least 25% of an existing business, and to maintain and accommodate themselves for the duration of the Long Term Business Visa is a further requirement. An indication should be given as to how your new venture, or the invigoration of an existing business, will be beneficial to New Zealand. Health and Character requirements must be met while English language skills are required.

Please contact NZASIA for further information.
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