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Skilled Migrant Category

The objective of the Skilled Migrant Category is to provide for the grant of residence to people who demonstrate that they have skills to fill identified needs and opportunities in New Zealand, and are able to transfer those skills to New Zealand and link with local needs and opportunities, and are able to demonstrate an ability to contribute to New Zealand both economically and socially, and are able to demonstrate an ability to successfully settle in New Zealand. The skilled migrant category is one of the way to permanently live in New Zealand. Skilled migrant category is based on points system. Points are claimed on the basis of qualifications, age, work experience and job or job offer. Bonus points may be claimed on an individual bases. The minimum qualifying points are 100. To qualify under this category, applicant must be aged from 20-55, having good health, character, and English language proficiency.

The SMC Process

This is a three step process which starts with an Expressions of Interest, selection for an Invitation to Apply followed by the Residence application.

1.The Expression of Interest (EOI)

If you have claimed 100 points or more then you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), in which you claim points for qualifications, age, work experience, job or job offer and other areas, it goes into the pool, every fortnightly . EOIs over 140 points are selected automatically for an invitation to apply. EOIs that have less than 140 points are selected depending upon certain factors.

2.Invitation to Apply (ITA)

When your EOI is selected from the pool, INZ will send you an Invitation to apply (ITA). Applicant will have to show evidence of the claims made on the EOI, e.g Medical, PCC, IELTS, Work experience etc.

3. Residence (PR)

When your residence application has been approved, you must pay the migrant levy. After that INZ will place a residence visa or permit in your passport.

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