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You can use your overseas or international driver's license for up to 12 months in New Zealand. After a year, you'll need to apply for a New Zealand driver's license.
The Skilled Migrant Category is based on points you can claim for your age, qualifications, work experience, employment in NZ, etc. There are certain requirements that must be met in order for you to claim those points. The minimum points you need to submit an EOI is 100.
To become a resident of NZ, you must meet at least one residence category available in the govt. residence program. There are specific requirements listed for each of these categories, and beside those, each person applying for residence (which includes partners and dependant children as well) must also meet health and character requirements.
Answer : The Immediate Skill Shortage List is a list of occupations that have a current shortage of in particular areas of New Zealand. This list is updated every six months. If a NZ employer offers you a job that is listed as a shortage in your area, your application for work permit/visa will be prioritized. This list only applies to temporary work policy.
In New Zealand, registration is required by law in order to undertake employment in certain occupations. eg. Teachers, Nurses, Electrician etc.
Yes, you may apply for a work, student or residence permit, while you are in NZ as a visitor.
If you wish to join your brother or sister permanently in NZ, you will need to obtain a residence permit/visa. There is a specific residence category available to such applicants, called Adult Sibling Policy.
Open work permit/visa is one that does not require an offer of employment at the application stage and allows employment for any employer. These types of work permits/visas are only available to specific applicants, eg. New Graduates, Partners, Spouses and Working holiday applicants.
All applicants aged 17 years or over who are working, visiting or studying in New Zealand for longer than two years in total are required to provide a police certificate.
All residence applicants aged 17 years or over are required to provide police certificates at the time a residence application is lodged.
These certificates need to be less than 6 months old at the time the application is lodged.
Answer : The Long Term Skill Shortage List is a list of occupations that are in critical or absolute shortage all over New Zealand. This list is commonly used in the Work to Residence policy and Skilled Migrant (Expressions of Interest) policy. In the Skilled Migrant category, you may claim bonus points if your skilled employment, recognised work experience and/or recognised qualification is in the Long Term Skill Shortage list.
Please do not. INZ will ask for them If they need any documents at any other stage.
Applicants for visas and permits for New Zealand must have an acceptable standard of health. To show that you have an acceptable standard of health, you may have to complete a medical certificate, and submit it with your application. There are two different medical certificates:
Medical and Chest X-ray Certificate (INZ 1007)
Temporary Entry X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096).
New Zealand Qualifications Authority ( NZQA ) is the Government agency responsible for quality assurance of qualifications.
If you wish to join your partner permanently in NZ, you will need to obtain a residence visa/permit under the partnership category.
Yes, you can apply for a Graduate Job Search Work permit if you have successfully completed, in New Zealand, a qualification that qualifies for points under the Skilled Migrant Category.
A statutory declaration can be undertaken by a Lawyer, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, or a court official. There is no set requirement on what type of IELTS test you need to sit for the Immigration New Zealand. You can sit either the Academic IELTS or the General IELTS test as both types are accepted by the Immigration New Zealand.
Once you have been successfully running the said business for some time then you may be eligible to apply for residence under the Entrepreneur Policy.
The following people can own/run a business in NZ:
Anyone who has a right to live permanently in New Zealand.
Holders of LTBV.
Holders of partnership work permit/visa.
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